Yarra valley


IP&L and beyond

GIST has been working with Yarra Valley Water, Melbourne's largest water utility, for a number of years. Starting with supporting them on pioneering the first ever Integrated Profit and Loss (IP&L) report in the water sector, we have since supported them on integrating impact valuation disciplines across their organisation and beyond - from helping them to establish the SROI of their CSR activities to conducting product level assessments.


Our IP&L study revealed that the company provides AU$ 72.4 million benefits to environment and society.


IP&L analysis

Sveaskog is Sweden's largest forest owner and sells saw-logs, pulpwood and biofuel. Sveaskog also works with land transactions and develops the forest as a venue for hunting, fishing and other nature-based experience. GIST has worked with Sveaskog on a number of projects, including to help prepare its first Integrated Profit & Loss (IP&L) report and demonstrate the company’s contribution to Swedish society.



Value Chain Analysis

AkzoNobel is the leading paint and performance coatings manufacturer globally. GIST worked with AkzoNobel to help prepare its first Integrated Profit & Loss (IP&L) report for its Pulp and Performance Chemicals business in Brazil.


Conservation Wildlands Trust


Social return on investment (sroi)

Part of the Ashok Piramal Group, Conservation Wildlands Trust (CWT) is an initiative to promote community-based wildlife conservation in India. GIST works with CWT to measure the total economic value creation for beneficiaries and social return on investment (SROI) as result of its community health and skill training programs in the Pench Tiger Reserve area, in India.



IP&L analysis

AMATA is a Brazilian forestry company that serves as a bridge between the forest and the consumer market, offering certified wood that is produced with social responsibility and guaranteed origin. GIST worked with AMATA to help prepare its first Integrated Profit & Loss (IP&L) report.