A Revolutionary Sustainability
    Assessment Platform from GIST
    For Large Organisations

    LAUNCHING ON 5th JUNE 2020


I360XTM (Beta) is a digital DIY online platform for Large Organisations that combines advanced Sustainability Analytics with cutting edge technology, global data bases, algorithms developed with 40+ person years' research and cognitive search engines. I360XTM (Beta) makes Sustainability Impact Assessment easy, fast and affordable.

I360XTM (Beta) measures Sustainability Impact on
  ο   Natural Capital
  ο   Social Capital
  ο   Human Capital
  ο   Financial Value Addition
  ο   And offers an Integrated Profit and Loss Statement.

I360XTM (Beta) provides regional benchmarks for 20 Industry Sectors and is loaded with advanced features like What If Analysis, SDG Mapping and more.

The collaboration features of I360XTM (Beta) allows multiple people across the Organisation to work on the assessment simultaneously on a real time basis.

I360XTM (Beta) has the highest level of security using Blockchain Technology. User Data Privacy complies to all Global and Local Privacy Regulations like GDPR.

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