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Senior Analyst & Associate, Human
& Social Capital

senior analyst & associate
human & social capital - mumbai


Job Description: Senior Analyst and Associate

Open Positions: 5

Company: GIST Advisory India

Location: Mumbai

Position: Full Time

Salary: Based on Experience

About GIST:

GIST delivers sustainability metrics, analytics, and insights. We work at the intersection of
sustainability, technology, and big data. Our foundation as an impact analysis and economic valuation
advisor for 15 years means we have robust knowledge and expertise on environmental, social, human
and financial capital.

Our impact analysis solutions help investors and companies measure, value and benchmark impacts
of business externalities across all four capitals: Natural, Human, Social and Financial. Presented in
the form of economic value, quantifiable volumes and qualitative ranks, our work enables investors
and companies to manage their material risks and make informed decisions.

We also provide software solutions that make it timely, easy and affordable for investors and
companies to measure what matters: performance and impacts across all value dimensions. Feel free
to explore our website.

Who are we?

Our diverse team of experts span many corners of the globe, bringing different perspectives and
cutting-edge approaches to the challenges our customers face.

Our world-class advisory board provide us insights, real-world experience and diverse perspectives
as we continue on our mission to make sustainability accessible to all.

We know that building the right team is what allows us to do great work for our clients. Take a peek
at our team.

About the Role

You will be a part of the Human & Social Capital team. Wherein, you will be responsible for
assessment of Human Capital and Social Capital impacts associated with business operations,
corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs, business models, company policies and farm-level
projects. Additionally, you will be responsible for conducting extensive research to help GIST upgrade
and update its product and develop new solutions.

You will be required to interact with GIST colleagues, collaborators, academic partners & clients
across diverse geographies and cultures, in order to provide cutting-edge sustainability analytics and
insights for different kinds of engagements.

You will be required to uphold GIST’s international quality standards and inherent core business
values at all costs, in all aspects of your work.

About You

Attitude makes all the difference. If you have -

  • The desire to join the mission to ‘make sustainability accessible to all’

  • A fair understanding of the importance of measuring stakeholder performance, especially corporate externalities

  • An ability to work responsibly in a team and individually, under stringent deadlines

  • An excellent academic background

  • Willingness to occasionally travel to project locations

  • A long-term outlook and commitment to your role at GIST

We would be interested to get to know you better and help contribute to your career growth.

What skills would you need?

Preparing oneself and bringing something into a conversation, makes it a dialogue. We would expect
the following from you -


  • Understanding of concepts behind Social Return on Investment (SROI), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Human Capital Assessment, including Social Life Cycle Assessments (SLCA)

  • Understanding of international reporting standards and reporting frameworks such as GRI, IIRC, NCP, SASB and IW

  • High degree of awareness in the fields of climate change, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), etc

  • Excellent command of both spoken and written English (this will be tested), and proficiency in writing crisp professional reports for clients

  • Proficiency (this will be tested) in using MS Office tools such as MS Excel and MS PowerPoint

  • Ability to coordinate with different verticals and delivering projects with minimal supervision

  • Knowledge of programming language such as MATLAB, R, Python, etc. is desirable.

However, if something is missing, we can work on it together.

Education & Experience

Theory builds the foundation and experience helps one grow. We would prefer if you have-

  • Completed Post Graduate Degree in Social Science, Environmental Science, Economics or related fields

  • Technical expertise / background in the fields of economics and analytics is desirable

  • Minimum of 2 to 3 years of work experience in research & analytics, client delivery/account management and data mining in corporate or development ecosystems

Do not worry if you are a fresh graduate, we see at your future potential and not just your past.

Application Process

Send your CV with a cover letter to with subject line as ‘Application for the
Post of Senior Analyst/ Associate - Human and Social Capital Division’.

If shortlisted, we start off with an introductory interview, a case-study or technical test and then final
round of interviews with GIST management. Typically, it takes 2-3 weeks minimum from shortlisting
to finalisation.

Note: Expected joining date is as early as 1st June 2021 onwards.