IP&LTM is a performance management framework integrated across all four capital classes that helps a company become ‘future-fit’: able to design appropriate responses to business opportunities and threats in an increasingly ‘VUCA’ world, drive sustainable growth and deliver measurable value to all stakeholders, not only to shareholders.

IP&LTM integrates costs & benefits of all significant positive and negative externalities, across all four major capital classes and enables our partners to communicate holistic annual performance using a comprehensive framework.

Example: Changing the way Yarra Valley Water measures value

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Our impact assessment solutions help businesses to measure, value and benchmark Impacts of business externalities across all four capitals (Natural, Social, Human and Produced) held in all forms of ownership (Private, Community, Public) all along value chains.

Backed by 30 person-years of data warehousing, algorithm writing and systems development, our impact assessment solutions help our partners become “future-ready” by designing and delivering leading-edge sustainability analysis, metrics, solutions, preparing them to win in a “VUCA” world.

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Green Accounting

Our Green Accounting assessments help demonstrate the multiple benefits provided by forest related ecosystem services for the economy, and the impact it has on the livelihoods of the rural communities.

This is critical to enabling policy makers understand the ultimate impact of development policies on both, the target beneficiaries and the dependency of rural stakeholders to changes in the stocks and flows of forest related ecosystem services. By providing information on the true economic value of forest related ecosystem services, our studies help address the fundamental challenges faced by policy makers in transitioning to Green Economy.

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