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Making Sustainability Accessible to All

GIST delivers sustainability metrics, analytics and insights.
We work at the intersection of sustainability, technology and big data.

Our foundation as an expert in impact analysis and economic valuation for 15 years means we have robust knowledge and expertise on environmental, social, human and financial capital.

Our impact analysis solutions help investors and companies measure, value and benchmark impacts of business externalities across all four capitals: Natural, Human, Social and Financial. Presented in the form of economic value, our approach enables investors and companies to manage their material risks and make informed decisions.

We also provide software solutions that make it timely, easy and affordable for investors and companies to measure what matters: performance and impacts across all value dimensions.


Our vision is a sustainable tomorrow:  a world in which everyone measures what matters. A world in which investors and companies measure, value and manage stakeholder performance beyond just profits for shareholders.


Our mission is to make sustainability accessible to all. To achieve this, we’re creating technology solutions that make it easy for corporations and investors to measure what matters.

we work with

asset owners, asset managers & service providers

GIST's capitals based impact analysis enables asset owners, asset managers and service providers to identify and measure the impacts of material non-financial risks to their investments in a manner which is free of subjective-bias (non-scientific ranking) and provides cross-comparability across, and benchmarks within, sectors.

bANKS & other lenders

GIST’s capitals based impact analysis enable lenders to identify and measure the impacts of material non-financial risks to companies within their loan books. This enables the lenders to assess potential credit risks arising from natural capital impacts in particular, that would otherwise not be quantitatively measured. Establishing monetary valuations of such impacts enables rapid assessments to be made as to whether credit spreads for lending adequately incorporate compensation for such risks.    


GIST's capitals based impact analysis enables corporates to identify and measure the impacts of material non-financial risks to their business operations and value chain. This enables companies to be ‘future-ready’ in a complex and rapidly changing world.

Policy Makers
& Regulators

GIST's capitals based impact analysis enables regulators to extend their focus beyond guidelines for only financial disclosure to include measurement of the impacts of material non-financial risks. This is vital for ensuring that the industry is able to mitigate high non-financial risk, which can lead to disruption of business activities and impact investors.


GIST's capitals based impact analysis enables NGOs to measure the economic value of impacts of their activities on beneficiary well-being. By developing robust quantitative and qualitative metrics, it allows NGOs to track performance and demonstrate the value that they generate for society and for investors.




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