GIST data now accessible via Snowflake

In this era of greater corporate disclosure of sustainability data and rapidly evolving client needs, both data consumers and providers must be fully equipped to adapt quickly to the changing data landscape.

As a data-driven organization, GIST has always wanted to build a future-proof data repository that would allow us to structure and enrich the valuable sustainability and impact data we have on thousands of global companies.

With the adoption of Snowflake, GIST data is now available in a robust and flexible system which allows clients to analyse and visualise data and generate insights.

Our data is also easily and securely accessible by clients and partners, with seamless integration, end-to-end security, and the ability to share data in just a few clicks.

Our Snowflake database incorporates over 60 reported datapoints crawled from company disclosures (annual reports, sustainability reports, etc.) as well as data on company impacts, and company contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We are also working on delivering data on mandatory PAIs to support SFDR reporting, and expanding our capabilities to cater to other upcoming regulations.

Building and launching our data on Snowflake opens doors to many exciting opportunities: by enabling frictionless and seamless data analysis and delivery, we also pave the way for easy co-creation and collaboration on data projects, and invite our clients and partners to get in touch to learn more.

Cynthia Vincent - Senior Manager, Engineering at GIST